Our workshop has been approved for the 2018-19 school year! We are excited to serve as a hub for graduate students on UM’s campus in discussing and addressing issues around incarceration.  As this would be our first year as a workshop, our primary aim would be creating a stronger sense of community amongst graduate students working on and in prisons at the University of Michigan. Our events will be aimed at leveraging local knowledge and resources.

We want to support ongoing local efforts while also creating unique opportunities that spring from graduate student interest. Because there is not currently a collective and dedicated space for graduate students to share their work within carceral studies, we hope that this interdisciplinary workshop can provide opportunities for graduate students to support one another in our research, teaching, and service efforts. To that end, we plan on hosting a number of events for reflection and feedback, ranging from conference proposals workshops, to dissertation chapter workshops, to pedagogy workshops.

While our focus will be on graduate student learning and collaboration, we also want to be a group that is open to undergraduates, community members, and formerly incarcerated individuals who might benefit from our events. It is important to us that we learn from and with the larger community concerned with prisons, even as the focal point of this group is graduate student growth.

If you want to be involved, please join us!

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