On this page, we include a variety of resources for our members.

Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshops: We are one of the many workshops sponsored by UM’s Rackham Graduate School. Find out more about the funding process and other groups here.

Prison Creative Arts Project: UM’s academic and volunteer program that sponsors regular arts workshops in carceral spaces, in addition to a yearly art show and literary review.

Carceral State Project: Academic partnership at UM focusing on the carceral state.

Detroit Justice Center: A non-profit law firm that provides legal services, support for community partners in creating economic equity, and introduces & normalizes alternatives to punitive justice.

American Friends Service Committee: A Quaker organization promoting peace with justice

Nation Outside: A Michigan based organized dedicated to supporting formerly incarcerated people and their families

Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency: Organization dedicated to making policy change in the justice system.

Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration: A collaboration of 50+ organizations

Just Leadership USA: Organization dedicated to reducing population of incarcerated peoples by half and creating a space for leadership from formerly incarcerated peoples.

We The People of Detroit: An organization dedicated to community coalition building and providing resources to train and mobilize the citizens of Detroit.

Student Rights Project: UM project that works with the Student Advocacy Center to train law, social work, and education graduate students to represent public school students in suspension and explusion hearings.

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